Excel Testing, New Hampshire
LNA Program Coordinators

We train our test observers to be professional, competent and knowledgeable when administering exams. We do not believe test observers should be intimidating to candidates. Test Observers complete an initial training and approval process and are then recertified bi-annually.

Benefits of Using Excel Testing

  • Candidates are given a verbal pass rate the day of their test. The official scores will be added to the candidate portal within 3 business days of receipt. The Program Coordinators as well as the VT OPR will also have access to see the scores
  • Program Coordinators will receive a quarterly report showing their program’s pass rate
  • Initial Test Observer Training is available
  • Recertification bi-annually (If the testing company you are currently with does not offer re-certification than the responsibility will soon fall onto the Program Coordinators to re-certify and test competence of the test observer)
  • Random test audits
  • Maintain open communication between Excel Testing and the LNA programs, Test Observers, and the VT OPR
  • Provide a quality testing experience that is current and evaluated for quality assurance